4 Tips to Boost The Speed of Your Computer

Most people today spend a lot of their time behind a computer screen. A computer is somehow involved throughout our daily lives. It is even the most significant contributor to financial support for most of the population. You will find that having a slow PC can be one of the most frustrating things to endure. 

Cerberus Technology Solutions has become the most trusted resource for PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile, and Console repair. Our certified experts at Cerberus Technology Solutions will provide the best computer repair and technical support services to help you maneuver through these roadblocks. Below are some quick tips to boost the performance of your PC, but keep in mind that if you do not have the knowledge and are uncomfortable doing these permanent edits to your PC, call us, and we will do it for you. 

Keep Your PC Running Smoothly


Increased Storage

Even if you are incredibly organized and maintain your computer, the hard drive will eventually get full and slow down your computer’s processing ability. We recommend upgrading your hard drive to a 1TB+ SSD (Solid State Drive). Do not hesitate. To help prevent file loss, we recommend backing up your current hard drive and cloning it.


Cleaning Up Start-Up Tasks 

When you boot your computer, the operating system will open programs listed on “start-up tasks.” If you recognize that there are a bunch of programs opening that you don’t need on boot, clean your tasks up by doing the following: Start > Type “Run” > Type “MSConfig” in the text box > Click on the “Start-Up” Tab and uncheck or “disable” any tasks you do not need. We recommend not mess around with any functions tied to your firewall or antivirus software.


Run Disk Defragment

As spooky as this terminology sounds, it isn’t. A disk defragment is the perfect way to optimize the efficiency of your hard drive. If you neglect to defragment your drives, your computer will eventually run so slow that it may not boot. Follow these steps to run a defragmentation on your hard drive: Access the “My Computer” Folder> Right Click on “Hard Drive” > Select “Properties” on the drop-down menu > Click “Tools” > “Click Defragment Now.”


Clean Up Disk

Treat your computer to some much-needed spring cleaning by doing the following: Start > Click “All Programs” > Click “Accessories” > Click “System Tools” > Click “Disk Cleanup.


Hire Our Technology Experts

Keep in mind that all these steps are for computer users on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. If you are struggling to restore the performance of your Mac or other operating-system computers, call our offices during regular business hours to learn how we can renew your computer to a brand-new version.

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