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Computer & Laptop Repair

We offer complete repair, troubleshooitng, and malware protection services.

Fix Your Windows or Apple PC Now

We have three convient locations in New Jersey to serve you.
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Cell Phone Repair

Our technicians are experts at repairing all brands of mobile devices.

Expert iPhone & Android Repair

The pros at Cerberus have years of experience troubleshooting and fixing mobile devices.
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Gaming Console Repair

Get your modern and old-school gaming consoles repaired today.

Get Your System Working Again

We are here to help repair your Sony Playstation, XBox or Nintendo System.
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Custom Built PCs

Get a custom built desktop or laptop that fits your computing needs.

Built A Perfect PC For You

We build our computers based on your needs, designed for speed and dependability.
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Virus Protection

Keep your computer and electronic devices free from malware, spyware and more.

The Protection You Need

Information and identity theft are at an all-time high, protect yourself today.
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Guardian Package

Keep your PC or Mac at optimal operating conditions.

Full Coverage Plan

Enjoy peace of mind by knowing you have experts on your side.
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Free PC Tune-Up

Is your computer running sluggish? It may be time for a tune-up.

Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Through regular maintenance and updates, we help keep your computer optimized.
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Web Design & SEO

Need a website? Our team is here to take care of all your online business needs.

Leverage The Power Of The Web

Contact us to learn more about our web design, development, programming and search engine optimization services.
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Cerberus strives to be your first choice for technology repair. That’s why we offer quality work and competitive pricing and total transparency about our services. Our repair bench is in plain view of the reception area, and all work is done on-premises. We pride ourselves in not only fixing computers but making sure that our customers understand all of their options. If a replacement is going to be cheaper than a repair, we’ll let you know. We believe that developing a relationship of trust with our community is the key to our success.


Call us today to find out how our expert technicians and state-of-the-art facilities can make your devices operate to their fullest.

Real Customer Reviews 

See what the locals are saying about our tech services.  

As owner we appreciate all your choices in our Shops! Any quest, call us!
terry ikey
terry ikey
I had an bitlocker protected external hard drive that got corrupted, over time. Sonja from the Cerberus team managed to locate the most price and quality efficient external vendor that could fix my hard drive. She explained the process throughout, cost of the repair, why it costed what it did, etc very well. Before I was asked to make the payment, Sonja ensured that the external vendor was indeed able to fix my drive and retrieve the data. They managed to retrieve 100% of my data and shared it on a new password protected drive. Throughout the process Sonja kept me informed. The only constructive feedback I can add is that initially (before Sonja came into the picture), it was a bit difficult to get updates from the team. I had to follow up a few times, in person and on phone to even get my hard drive over to the external vendor.
Arjun & Suvasini Iyer
Arjun & Suvasini Iyer
I had an issue with my IPhone that Zach was easily able to fix. He was extremely professional. I have used this place 3 times and have had great service every time. It’s not the kind of place you look forward to using but it’s nice to know they can repair almost any phone issue you bring them. I highly recommend them.
Jeff Jacobs
Jeff Jacobs
They repaired my cracked cell phone screen in a hour while i waited the repair was done well i recommend Cerberus to anyone.
Gaymian James
Gaymian James
Cerberus has helped me make the transition from one laptop to another and in the" busy season" imposed by covid19 helped by showing me how to deal with a "wierd" battery instead of rushing out and getting a new one. Cerebus is where our family goes to solve our computer problems. Thanks.
Joe Cooley
Joe Cooley
Fixed my son's computer and made him a happy teen for the summer! Great company, great workmanship, great communication and follow up! We will definitely recommend using this service for all of your computer/ technology needs! So thankful!
H MissKitty
H MissKitty
Excellent service and very knowledgeable
george mcclelland
george mcclelland

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