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Guardian Protection Package


Keeping your PC or Mac at optimal operating condition can be a full-time job. That’s why Cerberus Tech created the Guardian Package: so that our customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their computers are being optimized by professionals.

With this package, you’ll receive quarterly tune-ups that reduce the risk of computer crashes or other issues, as well as software installation services, computer peripheral installations, bi-yearly computer cleaning, business-class antivirus, and more!


Quarterly Tune-Ups include:

  • •Disk Defragmentation
  • •Extraneous Temporary File Removal
  • •Cookie Management
  • •Registry Cleaning
  • •Error Log Management
  • •Virus and Malware Scan

Other features of The Guardian Plan include:

  • •ESET Business Class Antivirus software
  • •Software Installation (as needed)
  • •Peripheral Installation (as needed)
  • •Bi-Yearly physical cleaning

In the event that your computer does need service beyond the contents of the Guardian Plan, you’ll receive:

  • •Free Priority Repair
  • •Waived Diagnostic Fee
  • •Loaner Computer for Down Time.


Number of Computers Yearly Price

  • 1 $200/year
  • 2 $360/year ($180 per computer)
  • 3 $480/year ($160 per computer)
  • 4+ Inquire

Monthly pricing is also available at $21.99 per month.