When Should you Repair or Replace your Laptop?

Laptops are just like computers, in which will eventually need maintenance and repairs to keep running efficiently. You may be wondering how long a laptop can last before it needs repair. Also, why get your laptop repaired, when you can just buy a new one? Generally, laptops last about three to five years before needing to be replaced. However, the time varies, as there are many components that could suddenly stop working in a laptop. But, before buying a new laptop, it’s always a good idea to look at your options.

So, What are My Options?

Well, it depends. A major factor to consider when deciding where it’s best to repair or replace is to focus on the purpose of your laptop. If you are using your laptop for basic/simple tasks, such as web browsing or writing, you may want to hold on to buying an expensive laptop for a while longer.

However, if you use your laptop to run the latest programs that tax your system’s CPU and Memory, then you should probably upgrade your laptop and its components to something new.

Components that can be Repaired/Upgraded Easily

While many believe that laptops are a lot harder to repair than desktop computers, it’s not really the case. There are several laptop components that can be replaced or upgraded with the same level of difficulty as a desktop computer. 

Laptops, being mobile devices, are prone to wear and tear. Keycaps for your keyboard can wear down and need to be replaced, this is an easy repair. Fans within your laptop, that keep it from overheating, could also become faulty and require replacement. This repair job is also easy, as all the needed parts can be ordered from the original manufacturer.

Enhance the Power of Your Laptop

You always have the option to upgrade certain components to increase their computing power. It is not uncommon for laptop owners to opt into adding RAM and a bigger hard drive to boost memory and speed. Along with necessary repairs, this will give you overall better performance and allows you to have all the storage space you need for important files and run programs more efficiently. 

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