Tips to Avoid Breaking Your Tablet

Many articles suggest that the average tablet is broken within the first ten weeks of its life. Our expert tablet repair techs at Cerberus Technology Solutions can confirm that most touchscreen repairs are done within the first year of purchase. So, we have compiled a list of tips to help avoid destroying the screen on your Android or Apple tablet.

Protection, of Course 

The technology in tablets is constantly getting pushed. However, it almost seems that mobile computing devices are becoming more accessible and easier to break. If you have a toddler on a bicycle, would you let them ride without a helmet? Chances are you won’t, so you should think of your tablet in the same manner. It’s highly suggested to equip your device with a durable and shock-proof case and tempered-glass screen protector. Modern electronics are becoming easier to break, but cases are getting tougher and slimmer. Otterbox, for example, gets a bad wrap for providing extremely bulky options. However, as of recent, many of the same brands are a lot less bulky and retain the durability associated with the brand. Other slimmer cases that we love are from the Speck brand.


It may be tempting to put your tablet on your lap while you drive if you’re sitting in your car. We highly recommend not to do this, as you may forget, open your door, and get out, launching your device onto the pavement. Try having a designated spot to store your tablet in the car.   


If you’re as clumsy as some of us are, you should avoid bringing valuable electronics to aquatic locations such as swimming pools, bathtubs, or the ocean. Leave all your locations at a dry spot and bring other means of entertainment to the next pool party.


Technology cannot make up for the lack of care when our brains are not functioning clearly. If you’re mad, you are prone to throwing your tablet or doing something dumb. Do not operate your device if you’ve had one too many shots for the evening. If you’re too drunk to remember your passcode, you’re too drunk to handle your tablet safely. 

If you have broken your tablet and require efficient, fast, and affordable tablet repair services, contact Cerberus Technology Solutions to get the best service.